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The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (APIC) is a multi-disciplinary, voluntary, international organization. APIC promotes wellness and prevents illness and infection world-wide by advancing health care epidemiology through education, collaboration, research, practice, and credentialing.

APIC's vision is to improve the health of people worldwide by serving as the pre-eminent voice for excellence in the prevention and control of infections and related adverse outcomes.

The Greater Omaha Chapter of APIC has 120 members from western Iowa and eastern to mid-Nebraska.  Monthly meetings enhance educational opportunities and provide opportunities for networking among professionals working in all phases of the healthcare continuum.
News You May be Interested in

The Nominating Committee appreciates your attention to this important message!

New board members are needed for the 2015 year. Please consider filling one of these important roles in our organization:

  • President – Elect (See role of President – Elect and President below)
  • Treasurer – Elect, (will shadow the current treasurer and assume the role in 1 year)
  • Recording Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • Junior Board Member
  • Nominating Committee (2)

Please send Peg an e-mail with the position you would like to be considered for by September 8, 2014.
Thank you for considering this responsibility.

  • President:
    • Shall be directly responsible to the Board of Directors for the administration of the Chapter
    • Shall preside at all local meetings and Board of Director meetings.
    • Shall represent the local organization at  meetings of organizations (or designate an alternate)
    • Shell appoint standing committee chairs
    • Shall appoint and terminate special committees, as necessary.
    • Shall be Ex-officio member of all committees (except Nominating Committee)
    • Shall rotate to the Board of Directors after term in office has been served.
  • President-Elect
    • Shall perform the duties of the president in the absence or incapacity of the President.
    • Shall perform such duties as may be delegated by the President.
    • Shall serve as member of the Board of Directors.
    • Shall serve as Chair of the Bylaws Committee.
    • Shall serve as Parliamentarian.
    • Shall be responsible fore review and/or revision of job duties and responsibilities of elected or appointed members.
  • Treasurer
    • Shall be in charge of all funds.
    • Shall keep a record of all receipts and disbursements.
    • Shall submit reports at least yearly to the Board of Directors.
    • Shall be bonded through the National Association.
    • Shall review financial affairs of the organization as necessary with legal counsel or tax advisor.
    • Shall prepare the annual budget and submit it to the Board of Directors for consideration and adoption before January 1.
    • Shall report to the Board of Directors on expenditures of funds.
    • Shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Recording and Corresponding Secretary
    • Shall record and preserve the minutes of all meetings (both local membership and Board of Directors)
    • Shall keep record of attendance at all meetings.
    • Shall send notices of meetings with minutes of previous meeting to membership.
    • Shall preserve the correspondence, reports, records, and archives in permanent file.
    • Shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Nominating Committee
    • Qualifications:  To be eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee, an individual must meet those qualifications stated I Article VIII. Section 4 subsections A, B, & C
    • Composition & Duties
    • Shall consist of three (3) members to be elected by the membership for a one year term. Only one consecutive term may be served without exception.
    • Shall not be eligible to run for any office while serving on the nominating Committee.
    • Shall be headed by a chairperson appointed by the President.
    • Shall solicit nominations representative of a multidisciplinary organization, and from active members in the local chapter.
    • Shall develop procedures for the conduction of elections and submit for Board approval.
    • Shall develop and submit a slate of candidates for the Chapter ballot to the Board of Directors for approval.
    • Shall notify all nominees of their status regarding their candidacy.
  • Membership Secretary
    • Shall provide the Nominating Committee with a list of eligible voters for the election.
    • Shall promote the growth and development of the membership.
    • Shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors.
    • Shall maintain accurate record o membership.
    • Shall be responsible as liaison with the National Membership Director.
    • Shall provide the membership with a list of paid-up memberships.

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AHA Healthcare Forum article Soft Surfaces & Healthcare: Opportunities for Infection Prevention - Terry Michels shares this (2/13/14).

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